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Cameron is a professional and knowledgeable audio and video consultant who delivers technical success in a fast paced production environment.
— Karl Schwoob, Project Manager, HPE

Cameron Honda is a CTS certified Audio, Video and Production specialist.  His passion for musical and visual expression has guided his career and continues to inspire him as he pursues continued success in the multimedia industry.  Cameron has over 8 years of corporate digital media experience consulting for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.  He has recorded hundreds of podcasts; mixing and mastering them for corporate distribution.  He has recorded multiple EP's with San Francisco based band Miss Lightning; consulting on mixing and mastering and recording guitar and vocals.  His passion for story telling and visual communication has lead him to produce music video's and interviews for other San Francisco based bands.  He also has professional video experience editing content for HPE's Media Solutions group.  It was through HPE's Media Solutions group where Cameron also served as a webcast live streaming engineer supporting 20-50 live stream events per week.  His latest en devour is voice acting, having appeared in multiple corporate training videos for Xlantic Inc.

CV available upon request.

Cam delivered professional quality voice over for our corporate training animation series.
— Gabe Bautista, Art Director